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Anchovies in Spanish

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Anchovies. Anchovies of Santoña 320gr. Anchovies of Santoña craft 100%. Anchovies of Santoña buy in large jar. Anchovies from Santoña selected by select power 9 months minimum maturing. Anchovies of Santoña buy sent newly developed, under order, with all its full expiration. We do not work with stock. Our anchovies of Santoña have quality guaranteed cleanliness, taste and texture. Anchovies of Santoña. As blue fish which are the anchovies have a high nutritional and dietary contribution. The fat of the anchovy is rich in omega-3 fatty acids (FAT polisaturada) which helps to lower cholesterol and reduce the trigliceros in blood by reducing the risks of heart attack. Anchovies contain proteins, minerals (calcium, magnesium and iodine), vitamins of type B and folic acid. So better and richer food than the anchovies of Santoña, make sure them not will it find in the Cantabrian Sea. Anchovies of Santoña, buy at the best price and with the best quality and cleaning only going them to find to select power. History of anchovies: The anchovy in the Bay of Biscay is a Gourmet canned that continues today is developed using traditional methods in the North of Spain. With an intense flavor that most people love, combining perfectly in salads, sauces, pastas, pizza (always put the anchovies on pizza to remove the pizza from the oven, if not burn…), or simply as an aperitif with a splash of oil extra virgin olvia. The anchovy is born of anchovy, which is a fish of the family Engraulidae, no more than 15 centimeters, of silver, and flat body with small scales, very abundant in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. These fish spend the winter at great depths, ascending to shallower water to breed in the spring and summer months with what fishing is limited to this season. Very valued by the high quality of their flesh are the anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, so recently studies have been conducted to identify its genetic code, since these very cold and rough waters come, their meat is especially tasty and smooth. Elaboration of anchovies: The elaboration of canned anchovies remains today a purely artisanal process. Begins with the salty and the fish just pressing anchovy reach port. After this process, it is necessary to leave the anchovy about five months (our anchovy mature at least 9 months) at a temperature between 18 and 25 degrees, until they acquire the ideal point of salting. After this time, the anchovies are cut and dried by hand, so they expelled all its juice. Finally, manually open the anchovies, one by one and removed its central part, as well as all traces of tail and fins with scissors and lot of care. After a last-based cloth cleaning, anchovies are packed.

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