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Peppers. The Gourmet Piquillo peppers. The craftsmen Piquillo peppers. Peppers (pimientos) de piquillo (Spain). Peppers with quality guaranteed. The locals call the piquillo peppers with roasted 100% craftsman the red gold of the Earth. And it is that our peppers del Piquillo, after being collected and peeled by hand, one by one, our peppers are roasted in wood-fired oven to arrive intact in your presence. You try and fill these peppers of piquillo peppers with our crab salad and you will see a new pleasure to his mouth… or try to pair these excellent Piquillo peppers with our anchovies of Santoña. That already is entering them hunger…?. Canned Piquillo peppers, net weight 425grs.
While the peppers are native to Central America and were introduced in Spain by Cristóbal Colón, the piquillo pepper are a unique and local, single variety within its own genus, which in the geographical term of Navarre and neighboring municipalities, they reach their maximum taste quality. The peppers of piquillo peppers in the middle of the last century were known in all Navarra and its cultivation was originally exclusive for own consumption. At the end of the sixties when the peppers of piquillo peppers are a great prestige, promoted by people from surrounding areas that they chose this geography as a holiday destination, since they not only ate the peppers of piquillo peppers in the area but they took them in boats for own consumption, throughout the year, thus facilitating its dissemination. The Piquillo peppers collection is carried out from mid-September until November. And harvesting is manual and is fruit to fruit. The Piquillo peppers have a high vegetative development. Its fruit is deep red color. With a length ranging from 4 to 6 cm in diameter. The flesh of the pepper of piquillo peppers is very thin and the average weight of the fruit is between 35 to 50 grams. Buy the best Piquillo peppers at the best price. Prpopiedades and history of the Piquillo peppers: the triangular shape, with 2 to 3 faces and finish in an incisive tip slightly curve distinguishes the peppers of piquillo peppers from the rest. The piquillo peppers plant is native to Mexico, Central America, although it is also in the regions of South Asia. The Capsicum annuum or Capsicum is a plant of the Solanaceae family, which in the 16th century began to be introduced in Spain after the discovery of this wonderful and new world which put him by name America and was Cristóbal Colón himself which brought it to Spain for the first time as stated in a letter written by Pedro M. de Anglería dated in September of society. Which makes the pepper one of the first plants introduced in Europe from the new world. The origin of pepper dates back to pre-Inca times, and is located in South America. Now you can buy the best peppers del Piquillo

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